At Growing Minds Preschool, we strive to ensure that every child has an enriching and fun experience. We want every child to develop a healthy sense of self-esteem and self-image; a positive attitude; and a foundation that will encourage enjoyable learning experiences now and in the future. We have created a creative and enriching curriculum utilizing the Massachusetts State Frameworks, Public School Curriculum, Universal Design for Learning Frameworks (UDL), and the Writing Without Tears Program. We explore content in language development, music, art, history, science, math, technology and engineering, social skills, and motor skills. These themes make up the general teaching and learning objectives of our curriculum. In addition to the core curriculum, we promote themes of social justice and cultural competency. Our students will have an introduction to Italian as a foreign language as well as our Trips Around the World Program, where children learn interesting about interesting facts, foods, and participate in activities relevant to countries around the world.


Trip Around the World; 2017, Italy 

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